Turning works


Metal turning is widely used in the manufacture of components. With its help, shafts, gears, bolts and other components which have the form of rotation are produced. MG-Metal provides turning services.


  1. This is the easiest and most economical way to produce a huge number of components. At the same time, thanks to CNC lathes, turning work is economically profitable, both in single and large-scale production;
  2. It is possible to manufacture components with very high accuracy (up to 0.01 mm) and surface cleanliness that does not require additional processing;
  3. Turning work does not change the structure of the metal and does not impair its mechanical properties.

Turning is widely in demand in the manufacture of parts for the production and repair of household appliances, cars, trucks, construction, road, agricultural machines, etc.


By applying to MG-Metal, you will get a reliable partner in the field of metal processing. Our production is equipped with CNC lathes of the American company HAAS, which is one of the world leaders in machine tool construction. The presence of such sophisticated modern equipment, combined with qualified and experienced personnel, allows us to offer the highest level of turning services. Let’s list your benefits from cooperation with us:

  1. You can order components of any complexity and in a very wide range of dimensions. We work with any metals and alloys. We carry out processing with cutters with metal-ceramic plates;
  2. You can order the turnkey manufacturing of components. We will select the necessary workpiece, develop the necessary manufacturing process, perform all the necessary metalworking package (turning, milling, sandblasting, anodizing, etc.);
  3. You will get components that fully meet requirements specification;
  4. Receive your order as soon as possible, thanks to a high-performance CNC machine tool park;
  5. Order the production of components at competitive price

The minimum batch size depends on the size and complexity of the component. But in any case, we will jointly find a mutually beneficial solution. Contact MG-Metal, a trusted and experienced metalworking partner.

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