Milling works


MG-Metal provides milling services. Milling is the most versatile type of mechanical metalworking. With its help, you can get components with various surface shapes, ranging from flat to curved with almost any rounding radius. To obtain such result, milling cutters with a variety of tooth shapes and sizes are used, which perform processing in several planes.


  1. The simplest and most economical way to produce components with a complex surface. There is no need to make some models for casting, etc.;
  2. There is no thermal effect on the metal, therefore, after milling, the structure of the metal and its mechanical properties remain unchanged;
  3. Often, after milling work, there is no need for additional mechanical surface treatment – grinding, sandblasting, etc.

With the help of milling work, you can make a huge list of components for the manufacture and repair of household appliances, cars, and other parts and mechanisms.



Our company performs milling work on modern four-axis CNC milling machines of the American company HAAS – one of the world leaders in the field of machine tools. Let’s list your benefits when working with us:

  1. We produce components of any complexity and a wide range of sizes. HAAS machine tools allow us to perform machining with an accuracy of 0.01 mm and a very high surface finish;
  2. Short production times, even in the case of a large batch of components, thanks to high-performance CNC equipment;
  3. High quality, minimization of the human factor. Processing is carried out according to a program written by experienced programmers;
  4. Possibility of manufacturing a product on a turnkey basis – we will select and purchase the necessary workpiece, we will develop drawings according to your technical specification, we will carry out all the necessary complex of metalworking,
    including turning, milling, sandblasting, anodizing;
  5. Favorable prices.

Our company employs experienced designers and technologists, so you are guaranteed to receive parts that will exactly meet your technical requirements. Contact MG-Metal, a trusted and experienced metalworking partner.

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