Modern metalworking methods are a high-tech process that is based on accurate and fast manufacture of components in strict accordance with the specified parameters. Our industrial and production company “MG-Metal” offer its customers a wide range of professional services, which are based on the use of modern technologies and methods of metal processing, ensuring the maximum quality of finished products.


Milling is the most versatile type of mechanical metalworking. With its help, you can get components with various surface shapes, ranging from flat to curve with almost any rounding radius.


Metal turning is widely used in the manufacture of components. With its help, shafts, gears, bolts and other components which have the form of rotation are produced.


Anodizing is the process of applying an aluminum oxide film to the surface of aluminum or its alloys (Al2O3). The thickness of the resulting layer is from 50 microns (0.05 mm).


Sandblasting is one of the traditional types of product processing. Its principle is that abrasive particles (quartz sand, electrocorundum, copper slag, etc.) are accelerated with a jet of compressed air and directed to the surface to be treated.


The principle of glass blasting is exactly the same as that of sandblasting. Glass balls are bombarded with compressed air.

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