MG-Metal provides services of mechanical and chemical processing of various metals and alloys using modern high-performance equipment. In particular, you can order anodizing the surface of products made of aluminum and its alloys.


Anodizing is the process of applying a film of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) to the surface of aluminum or its alloys. The thickness of the resulting layer is from 50 microns (0.05 mm). This technology allows:

  1. Significantly increase the corrosion resistance of the product, as aluminum oxide is immune to almost all aggressive chemicals, including sulfuric, hydrochloric acids, and various alkalis.
  2. To significantly increase the wear resistance of the product and its resistance to various mechanical damages (scratches, dents, etc.). This is due to the high hardness of aluminum oxide, comparable to the hardness of high speed steels and alloys.
  3. Give the product electrical insulating properties, as aluminum oxide doesn’t conduct electric current. This is important for surfaces capable of accumulating electrostatic charges human can contact with.
  4. Increase the heat resistance of the part due to the high melting temperature of the oxide film – over 2000C (for comparison, the melting point of aluminum is 660C, and of steel – 1400 -1500C).

And, of course, anodizing significantly increases the aesthetic appeal of the product, giving it a bright, interesting texture.

Anodizing technology can be successfully used in the production of furniture, premium tableware, all kinds of gears, hydraulic and pneumatic elements in mechanisms, medical products, etc.




  1. We use modern high-performance equipment that guarantees high quality anodizing and low cost of the process;
  2. We anodize even large-sized components with a surface area of ​​up to 1m²;
  3. A complex approach. We can make you the required product on a turnkey basis – from the billet to the finished part, including mechanical work (turning, milling), sandblasting or glass blasting;
  4. Fast terms of order implementation;
  5. Favorable prices due to the low cost of the process.

MG-Metal is your reliable partner in the production of all kinds of metal products, guaranteeing quality workmanship and competitive prices.


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