Glass blasting


The Mg-metal company offers services for glass blasting of various surfaces in order to remove sagging, remove dirt, and obtain a matte surface.



The principle of glass blasting is exactly the same as of sandblasting. Only instead of abrasive particles, glass balls are used, which bombard the surface with the help of compressed air. There are several advantages of this method:

  1. The result is a significantly smoother surface than with traditional shot blasting technology. Therefore, glass jet can be used in the manufacture of precision parts, including optical instruments.
  2. In contrast to sandblasting, with such processing, the surface has significantly more pronounced decorative qualities, which increases the attractiveness of the product.
  3. Does not damage the surface to be treated, so this treatment can be used in the manufacture of even fragile parts from wood and plastic. In this case, if necessary, you can carry out surface hardening, as with conventional sandblasting.
  4. Glass balls are chemically inert, therefore, they do not contaminate the treated surface, especially with oxides, which significantly reduce the corrosion resistance of the product.



  1. production of components from stainless steel and aluminum, if you need a beautiful, so-called satin surface;
  2. gentle cleaning of antiques, household items (lamps, dishes, etc.), parts for car restoration;
  3. processing of precision parts.

Glass-blasting has been applied relatively recently, so there are few companies in our country that have the appropriate equipment and specialists in this field. MG-Metal is one of them.


  1. We use modern equipment. The size of the glass jet chamber: length 74cm, width 47cm, height 60cm. Depending on the tasks to be solved, processing can be carried out with glass balls of the following sizes: 100-200 microns, 150-250 microns, 200-300 microns, 400-600 microns;
  2. Our team is experienced qualified personnel;
  3. We guarantee tight deadlines for order fulfillment with high quality of execution;
  4. Our company offer a favorable price list for services.

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