Sandblasting is one of the traditional types of product processing. Its principle is that abrasive particles (quartz sand, electrocorundum, copper slag, etc.) are accelerated with a jet of compressed air and directed to the surface to be treated. It is used in the following cases:

  1. To clean the surface from all kinds of contaminants (oil, rust, scale, etc.) and to prepare them for painting;
  2. For the surface hardening;
  3. For creating a decorative rough surface.

MG-Metal offers sandblasting services. Now we will briefly talk about the advantages of this type of processing, as well as the benefits that you will receive by cooperating with us.


  1. High versatility. With the help of sandblasting, you can process components of the most complex shape or for which chemical surface cleaning is unacceptable;
  2. This treatment increases the surface roughness, which means it provides better adhesion for the paint;
  3. Profitability. This technology of the surface cleaning is in many cases the cheapest, as relatively inexpensive equipment and consumables are used;
  4. In contrast to chemical cleaning, it is easier and cheaper to comply with safety and environmental requirements.

Sandblasting has found wide application for cleaning metal blanks from rust, scale, old paint and other contaminants, degreasing and matting surfaces. If you have a need for this type of work, please contact MG-Metal.


  1. We have extensive experience in sandblasting. Our company have modern equipment and qualified personnel. We implement sandblasting using corundum. Dimensions of the sandblasting chamber: length 74cm, width 47cm, height 60cm;
  2. Our team can fulfill a large volume of orders in a short time;
  3. Our company provide turnkey services – manufacturing products from scratch. We select and purchase a billet, develop drawings and manufacturing process. We carry out all the necessary metal workings – turning, milling, sandblasting;
  4. High quality of performed work;
  5. Favorable prices.

If a high-quality, fast and effective surface cleaning is required. Contact MG-Metal, a trusted and experienced metalworking partner.

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